Dog boarding kennels

Dog boarding kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels

Recently refurbished, the kennels provide modern, spacious, secure, heated, hygienic living accommodation within a purpose built building. In addition each kennel benefits from its own large outdoor covered run ensuring plenty of room for your dog to relax in. Music provides a calm atmosphere and helps to create a home from home environment.

Owners can relax in the knowledge that Sue and Derek will take an active interest in the well being of their pet. All pets are different, therefore owners are encouraged to talk about their pet. They are asked to bring special items, beds, toys, etc to the kennels to ensure that their dogs transition from home to Tyn Y Dref is a pleasant experience.

All feeding, exercise and grooming routines are catered for. Special requirements, such as administering regular medication and veterinary supervision when appropriate is provided.

Most importantly, our caring staff spend individual quality time with each resident, giving the loving hugs, playing games and kind words, which form part of family life.

We have special facilities to cater for families who have more than one dog which they wish to board them together.

Opening times:

Monday to Saturday:

9am - 10.30am / 4pm - 5pm


9am - 10.30am / 4pm - 4:30pm


Please call us for prices
Guide: dogs from £13 per day